Open Book

Poetry of the Chakras

1995 by Thomasina Kundalini

In 1995 i produced and published this book of poetry under Muse Publishing.  Crudely produced on recycled paper, this 160 page, ribbon bound book originally sold for $25 in local bookstores like The Hungry Mind, The Book Barn, Orr Books, and Magus Books.  Copies eventually sold for $75 at The Sex Art Gallery.   It may come back into publication someday, after "Journeys" is completed. 


Open Book

* Preface *

This book has been coming for a long time.   I've enjoyed writing since i can remember.  I began saving my writings in 1985.  Ten years later, i have finally had the opportunity to compile my poetry into one cohesive work.   My intention is to offer my perspective on this world, and to give my-self a better understanding of my place in it.  With this, my life so far is now an open book to any that wish to read it.

Initially, i wrote about my life.  Now, i see that my life and my writing are inseparable.  Certain events i write about before they occur.  There are things i write of and make happen, yet others i merely foresee.  In these cases, i don't understand what iím truly writing until time passes.  Many different forces stimulate my writing.  Sometimes those forces come from with-out, sometimes with-in, sometimes both.
Like anyone, my experiences range from positive, to negative, to neutral.  In difficult times, writing relieves a lot of stress, helping me plan and sort things out.  Extreme experiences, even those which could be seen as negative, can create works of art which balance out, and often surpass, the circumstance itself.  Open Book is an example of this.
I have arranged this book in accordance with the Chakra System.  The Chakra System is designed to define and describe the seven major energy centers that emanate with-in and from the human body.  Each of these seven centers corresponds to a particular light wave (color), sound wave, vertebrae, ductless gland, ganglion body (nerve bundle), and personality attributes, to name a few links.  Each chakra is represented here as a chapter.
When energy is flowing properly through the chakras in a human body, a person usually feels the sensation of peace, harmony, or alignment.  When one or more of the chakras is out of balance, it disrupts the entire individual.  Besides causing the physical release of chemicals through the corresponding glands, it also disrupts the individual on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.  It was the knowledge of this inter-connectedness of my be-ing that led me to practice regular meditation.  My life has changed because of it.
The peace iíve gained from learning about my chakras is the main reason i choose to arrange my book by them.  To those versed in the chakra system, i hope my writing is justifiable.  To those unfamiliar, it is an honor to introduce you.  May it move you as much as me.  (More information on the Chakra System can be located at any major bookstore or library system.)
Iíve spent most of my life pursuing religious theories in search of a way to define truth for my-self.  I have observed numerous practices, rituals, and ceremonies in different religions.  I have visited various houses of worship within cultures.  I studied over ten major world religions to attain my degree in Religious Studies, but it was learning about the Chakra System (Parapsychology and Metaphysics), that gave me the words to speak of truth from my perspective.  This book is a tribute to that truth, that inspiration.

At the beginning of each chapter there are two indicators.  The first is Subject.  This describes the main attributes of that energy center/chakra, as well, the content of the chapter.  The second is Shadow.  This describes difficulties that can arise when that chakraís energy is not flowing properly.  In each chapter there are some works that stem from these shadows. When i began writing, i was not familiar with the chakras.  Now introduced, i feel i have always had an inherent sense of them.
My poetry reflects correlations between feelings, specific body locations, colors, senses, etc.  These correlation's identify which chakra was most stimulated while the poem was being conceived.  Iíve placed each poem in the most suitable chakra (chapter), chronologically.  This procedure shows how each energy center has evolved with me, and i with it; individually and as a whole.  Being able to witness my own growth and setbacks in this way, has been enlightening.
Iíve learned a lot from making this book.  Enlightenment is not a point, or a state of mind, but a process, one which we are all part of.  There are no perfect humans, only perfection in be-ing human.  That includes having flaws and LEARNING from our mistakes.  (Instead of blaming ourselves and perpetuating problems.)  Be-ing human also allows us distinct and unique senses in which to witness the universe.  May we all behold its glory one day! Some poems have direct dedications below the titles.  Most of them do not.  Attempting to name everyone involved would be a book in itself.  My thanks go out to all who have touched me in some way, even if only in spirit.
I would like to express particular gratitude to:  my mother LaVerne, who never lost faith in me, even when i lost faith in my-self; my teacher Richard Walker, who introduced me to the art poetry and encouraged me to try it my-self; my friends and family, who never molded me, and put up with my many spontaneous readings and writings;  the man beyond names, whose music continues to give me hope for the future --You have moved me more than you know; the NPG, for accepting me for me; and finally, to the Divine.  Every religion has names for the same power.  I call it Love.  This is my devotion to it. 

Open Book: Poetry of the Chakras

by Thomasina Kundalini

1995 Muse Publishing, St. Paul, MN

All Rights Reserved.

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